Frontier Guard

Session Notes 9/5/14

Date: 09/05/14

Characters: Kronk (Charlie), Caesarina (Shannon), Ravekio (Jeff) , Edmund (Sean), Pustillio (Brenton)

Patrol was sent out to investigate a raid by unknown attackers on a small oasis west of the outpost inhabited by a retired soldier (Grenault) and his family. Special instructions were to find Grenault’s missing 6-year-old daughter Eday.

Arriving at the oasis, the patrol was ambushed by the attackers, gnolls from the FaceRipper clan; after defeating them, additional tracks were found heading west. Stashing the armor/loot and following the tracks, the patrol came upon the scene of a battle: bloody sands, discarded weapons, and pony-sized tracks leading away, but no bodies.

A mile or two away, the patrol encountered a giant ant hill, where warrior ants were busy ripping apart some gnoll bodies while the little girl huddled fearfully on a rocky outcropping. The ants were distracted by most of the patrol while Trooper Vekio climbed up to the top of the nearby mesa and pulled the girl out on a rope.

Returning to the oasis, the patrol gathered up the loot and returned in victory to the outpost.

GP Each: 79 GP
XP Each: 640xp

Command Points
Character – This game (Total)
Ravekio 2(6)
Cesarina -1(5)
Edmund 4(4)
Kronk 1(0)
Radmilla –(?)
Elise – (?)
Pustilio -3(-3)

Items Found
Gnolls- # – total value
Battle Axe, cheap- 2 – 10gp
Battle Axe, standard- 4 – 40gp
Battle Axe, high- 1 – 20gp
Heavy Shield, cheap- 2 – 7gp
Heavy shield, standard- 3 – 21gp
Heavy shield, Very high- 1 – 35gp
Spear, cheap- 2 – 2gp
Spear, standard- 3 – 6gp
Spear, high- 1 – 4gp
Dagger, cheap- 2 – 2gp
Dagger, standard- 4 – 8gp
Dagger, exceptional/masterwork- 1 – 302gp
Longsword, masterwork (returned for reward)- 1 – 50gp
Silver (candlestick, platters, etc; returned for reward)- 1 – 50gp
Shorbow, standard- 1 – 30gp
Arrows, per 20- 0.5 – 0.5gp

Battle Scene- # – total value
Battle axe, standard- 1 – 20gp
Heavy shield, standard- 1 – 3.5gp
Heavy shield, very high- 1 – 14gp
Spear, cheap- 1 – 0.66gp
Spear, standard- 2 – 4gp

Total Value- 629.66 – gp
GP from Sale (50%)- 315 – gp

Bounties- 140 – gp
Faceripper gnolls- 7 – 20gp

Gems:- 29 – gp
Malachite- – 5gp
gold ring- – 20gp
rhodochrosite- – 4gp

Total Coins:- 40 – gp
Platinum- – 0gp
Gold- 10 – 10gp
Silver- 180 – 18gp
Copper- 1200 – 12gp

Total GP- 524 – gp
Lord Share- -131 – gp

(If you want one of the above items, deduct half its value from your GP. Example, if you want a standard quality battle axe, deduct 5gp from your gold. If item is under ‘Gems’, deduct full value. Either way, post it below so no one else grabs the same item.)



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