Frontier Guard

Session Notes 1/30/15

Date: 2015-01-30
Characters: Caesarina (Shannon), Lorule (Danny), Talmar Fleetfoot (Chad), Nesca "Elise" Barsava (Kelsey), Arturo (NPC)

Patrol was sent to steal a golden egg from a sect of the Cult of the Serpent, which was believed to contain the holy spawn of the snake goddess Kzari. On the way, they encountered a group of peasants that attacked them savagely and fought without mercy or regard for their own safety. As such they inflicted more damage than they should have been able to, but were eventually beaten down.

Following a smoke trail to the burning farmstead that was probably the home of the peasants, they found it to be looted. They followed a large number of tracks leading to the east, reaching an oasis just before dark. As they approached, a large, starfish-like creature rose out of the sand and attacked them; though they suffered a bit of damage, the creature eventually retreated beneath the sands leaking a foul-smelling ichor. The patrol moved on from the waterhole, but not before finding a filled pack presumably left by a previous victim of the creature.

The tracks from the water hole led the patrol to a small canyon which opened out into a large grassy valley, where several small farmsteads were clearly evident and where a group was faintly visible moving towards a large cavern opening in the far eastern wall of the valley. The patrol backtracked to a side canyon to wait for dark, then started moving stealthily towards the cavern mouth on the other side of the grassy valley.

Approaching the cavern mouth, they saw there were two guards on duty; as they got closer, they realized they were orcs. Releasing the livestock from the nearby corral to provide cover, the patrol fought the sentries and were eventually victorious. Although the combat did make some noise and one orc did at least let out a couple of yells, no other cultists were awakened (unknown to the troopers, this was due to the amount of beer stolen from the farmstead which they had imbibed.)

Epilogue: the patrol was able to stealth into the camp and steal the golden egg, then returned to the fort through a circular route in order to avoid the searching cultists.

GP Each: 120GP
XP Each: 640 xp

Command Points
Character – This game (Total)
Ravekio -(6)
Cesarina 1(6)
Edmund -(4)
Kronk -(0)
Radmilla -(?)
Nesca 6 (6)
Pustilio -(-3)
Lorule 0(0)
Talmar Fleetfoot 0(0)



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