Frontier Guard

Session notes 6/27/14

Session Report, 6/27/14
Characters: Radmilla (Allen), Kronk (Charlie), Elise (Kelsey), Caesarina (Shannon), Ravekio (Jeff) , Edmund (Sean), Willum (NPC Redshirt), Arturo (NPC)
A small patrol was sent out under Sergeant Willam to recover item and (if possible) a horse belonging to the Company Paymaster Lorenzo, including his enchanted account book, which had been stolen by an ogre ambush.
Ambushed by Zuigars, Sgt Willam was killed. The party routed the Zuigars, defeated young giant scorpions, and avoided a suspected giant ant lion before reaching the ogres cave in the Giant's Teeth Mountains. After a brief battle, the ogres were slain, the items recovered (other than the horse, which had been eaten), and the cavern ransacked. It was discovered that the cave extended much further into the mountains, but the patrol needed to return the items and wasn't equipped for exploration.
Items found:
Bandits #
Dagger, cheap 3
Dagger, Standard 2
Shorbow, standard 6
Shortbow, high 1
Scimitar, very cheap 1
Scimitar, standard 4
Arrows, per 20 3.5
Punching Dagger 1

Scorpion shells, pounds 100

Ogres #
Armor, halfplate, high 1
Clothing, explorers, cheap 1
Glaive, high 1
Guisarme, VC 1
armor, studded leather, standard 1
empty barrel, standard 1
gnome hooked hammer, high 1
riding saddle, cheap 6
guisarme, high 1
throwing axe, high 1
glass bottle, standard 1
spear, very high 1
scroll: hide from animals (dru1, rng1) 1

Total Value 1721.42
GP from Sale (50%) 861

Gems: 163

Rock Crystal 
Silver Moonstone Ring 
Blue Quartz

Total Coins: 157.67
Platinum 4
Gold 77
Silver 324
Copper 827

Total value recovered: 1182
GP Each: 127 GP
XP Each: 631 / 316 to Arturo


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